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The top 8 facts about CBD Oil

The top 8 facts about CBD Oil
In this article Health Rack will look at the top 8 facts about CBD Oil answering hot topic questions such as ‘how do you take cannabis oil’ and ‘how does CBD Oil work’.

1. CBD oil comes from the Cannabis plant

Cannabidiol or CBD is one of the 85 active chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant, known as cannabinoids. This specific strain of the plant is taken and developed into an oil.

2. CBD oil is different to Cannabis

CBD, although from the cannabis plant, is different to the more well-known uses of cannabis. CBD is only one of the active chemical compounds from the plant. So, therefore, it doesn’t include many of the side effects of the THC strain of cannabis. It can come in oil form, as well as gel tablets and capsules.

3. No THC means no ‘high’

There isn’t any THC in CBD oil, meaning that the usual association of a ‘high’ that you get from marijuana doesn’t occur with the oil. THC is the specific compound of the cannabis plant that reacts with the brain and alters the mind to create a high, usually for recreational usage. However, CBD has been extracted and developed so as not to include any THC.

4. There are no psychoactive effects of CBD oil

The exclusion of THC in the creation of CBD means that the psychoactive effects associated with marijuana doesn’t happen with CBD.

6. CBD oil is legal to buy in the U.K

Our CBD products at Health Rack are 100% legal and easy to purchase off our website.

7. You can take CBD oil orally

Health Rack offers a range of CBD products, so you can easily consume it. We stock CBD oil, CBD gel tablets and CBD capsules, for whatever your preference. How much CBD oil to take depends on the person, and the individual will need to find the appropriate dosage for themselves. We can not offer guidance on dosage for your personal usage.

8. CBD oil can be taken daily

Are you wondering, ‘How do you take cannabis oil?’ Health Rack has made it simple so that our CBD products can be taken daily, orally and in tablet or oil form to avoid any confusion on dosage and consumption. For more information regarding all of our CBD products, visit our website or call Health Rack on 0800 085 6211 to speak to a member of our team.