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Is CBD Oil Addictive?

Is CBD Oil Addictive?
One of the common questions surrounding CBD oil and other CBD products is whether it has addictive properties. The resounding answer is no, it certainly isn’t addictive. In fact, CBD oil presents a fantastic opportunity to gain all the benefits of the Cannabis plant, at a controlled dosage, with no risk of addiction or ill effects. Health Rack explains all here.

WHO rules out CBD addiction risk

Let’s look at the facts and make some clear distinctions between THC (the psychoactive chemical compound found in Cannabis) and CBD. Regular smoking of cannabis, which will contain high levels of THC, leads to around 10% of users becoming addicted to the Class B drug. That’s according to NHS Choices, who also point out that repeated intake of cannabis can lead to an increase in tolerance, which leads to greater amounts being needed to achieve the same ‘high’. Trying to quit can lead to withdrawal symptoms, such as mood swings, cravings, difficulty sleeping, restlessness and irritability. CBD oil, on the other hand, poses no such risks. In November 2017, the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) Expert Committee on Drug Dependence reported that “In humans, CBD exhibits no effects indicative of any abuse or dependence potential.[...]. To date, there is no evidence of recreational use of CBD or any public health related problems associated with the use of pure CBD.” Therefore, according to the WHO’s experts, CBD oil is not an addictive substance and the likelihood of recreational misuse is highly unlikely. This is important. Because often CBD oil is mistakenly lumped into the same bracket as its better-known chemical cousin, THC, which is also part of the same cannabinoid family. This is unfortunate because it actually creates an unnecessary stigma around beneficial cannabinoid compounds, such as CBD, and could be unnecessarily off-putting for anyone who could otherwise benefit from the therapeutic effects of CBD oil products.

CBD oil: is it safe?

CBD oil is commonly used as a contemporary route to wellbeing. It provides all the benefits of the cannabis plant without any of fear of addiction or psychological ill effects that are associated with THC. With further research, there is a growing feeling that CBD could hold the key to countless more health benefits that have hitherto been anecdotally spoken about but not proven – yet! We hope this blog puts your mind to rest about any fears about CBD oil. Rather, we hope it has shown you the potential of this natural supplement. If you’d like any more information about CBD oil, then please visit our specialist CBD hub or feel free to one of our knowledgeable Health Rack experts today on 0800 085 6211.